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Bridgehead Advisors is a strategy consultancy that applies scientific methods and data analytics to help our partners clarify priorities in transformative situations and think differently about how to achieve their economic goals in dynamic situations. We focus on geostrategic and crisis mandates, mainly in the energy transition, infrastructure and new technology sectors. We work at the interface of business and society. We bring experience from advising on foreign trade mandates, cross-border transactions, the implementation of new technologies and investments in cutting-edge technologies. With our expertise, we help our partners to build bridges to new paths into the future.

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Strategies & Scenarios for the 21st Century


Management in complex crisis situations

Bridgehead Advisors, Denise Feldner, has been advising the German government and the national network of university medicine on crisis management since 2020. In the national network of university medicine in Germany, we were also represented on the political advisory board of the overarching pandemic management project.

In the context of this consultation, a publication was created that was published in August 2022.

The article with all graphs and tools to manage uncetaintycan be accessed here: “A pyramid model to describe changing decision making under high uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic”

Democracy and Critical Infrastructure

Bridgehead Advisors contributed to the creation of a manual for the NATO COE DAT in Ankara on protecting critical infrastructure from terrorist attacks. The handbook was published jointly by the US Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute, and the NATO COE DAT on December 15, 2022. 

The most important contributions were already presented at the annual TEC in Ankara, the international Terrorism Experts Conference.

The Middle East and the Far East as well as developments in those regions with effacts in Europe

In December 2022 Bridgehead Advisors took the initiative and organized a discussion on recent developments in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Irak, Pakistion and Afghanistan. The event was driven by latest discussions on energy transition, the FIFA World Cup, and geopolitical tensions.

The expert speaking about her long term experiences in those regions was Susanne Koelbl, The Spiegel. She is a reporter sice decades and wrote several books about societies, politics, and latest changes in the regions.

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Voices from our Clients

Publications, Presentations, Media

Bridgehead Advisors in Public

2022 — Critical Infrastructures, Knowledge and Crisis Management and Uncertainty

2021 — Risk and Crisis Management, Cyber Security, Data Economy and Sovereignty 
  • Co-author, paper «A Proactive Approach to Fight SARS-CoV-2 in Germany and Europe», project: Psycho-social Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2021
  • Author, essay «Black Swan Opportunity For Innovation», Architecture Forum AEDES exhibition catalogue «Human Scale Remeasured», 2021
  • Interview «Sovereignty In Transformation», 10th Bosch Megatrend Report with Ingo Rollwagen, 2021
  • Interview «An Opening Concept for Germany: 5 Steps Out of the Pandemic», DIE ZEIT with Clemens Fuest, Melanie Brinkmann, Elvira Rosert, Maximilian Mayer, Matthias Schneider, 2021
  • Interview «Use of Data to Fight the Pandemic Effectively» (in German), Ifo Schnelldienst Digital with Andreas Peichl, Florian Dorn, Michael Herter, Barbara Wawrzyniak, 2021
  • Lecture «Risk in Law Using the Example of the Pandemic», Research Association for Human Beings in the Law, Basel, 2021
  • Panel «Cyber In The Next 5 Years», FPS Law, Frankfurt, with the Ambassador of Israel Jeremy Issacharoff, the Digital Minister of the State of Hesse Kristina Sinemus and Founder Cyverse Shira Kaplan, 2021


2020 — Infrastructure Cyber Space and Data Society


2019 — Data Economy


2018 — China, North Korea and Digitization


2017 — Global and European Research and Education Policy and Digitization


2016 — Social Infrastructure Research University

Expertise, Experience, Skills

The Team

Ass. jur., Dipl.-Jur. (German law degree for German lawyers) Denise Feldner, M.B.L. (Master of Business Law for Tech Enterprises), is the founder and CEO of Bridgehead Advisors.


She has in-depth experience in advising on transformation processes and investments in future technologies. She was founding managing director of the association of the strongest research universities in Germany. She represented it in the Global Council of Research Intensive University Networks, the international network of the most renowned universities in the G7 and China. Previously, she was head of the rectorate’s office at Heidelberg University.


As in-house counsel to the management, she built InnovationLab, a deep-tech startup for organic electronics. The founders were SAP, BASF, Merck, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen and the Mannheim University of Economics and Business. Denise has in-depth experience in IP and technology transfer and in setting up cross-cutting corporate structures.


Previous positions include the Federal Ministry for the Environment in the field of renewable energies, offshore wind and hydropower, the international law firm CMS in the field of art and media law and the law boutique GGSC for sustainability and energy law, construction planning and infrastructures.


She studied constitutional law, international business, maritime and space law in Athens, Berlin, Budapest and Leuven. Most recently, she studied business management with Prof. Malik, St. Gallen, and at a technical university.

Denise is a Young Leader Alumna of the following organizations: BDI, Wilton Park British German Forum and Helmholtz Academy for Executives.

Partner for Data-Analytics: Prof. Dr. Dieter Heermann, Professor for Theoretical Biophysics at Heidelberg University and founder of  Byte-Data-Analytics.

He is former CIO and Vice Rector for Research at Heidelberg University and a member of the International Advisory Board of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the International Evaluation Board of Charles-University in Prague.

With Byte-Data-Analytics, he focusses on effective, data-rich solutions as a basis for expanding existing knowledge and making the intrinsic value of data usable. The focus here is in particular on the value of the data that results from the way and by whom these data are linked to one another. With classic technologies and with Monte Carlo simulations, in-depth mapping of social media activities can be carried out, and their effectiveness and the actual dissemination of specific information can be understood.

Netzworks & Cooperations with global Structures


AISRI Greater Bay AI and Society Research Institute in Hong Kong researches the developments and effects of AI technologies in the Greater Bay Area delta with the megacities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau and Hong Kong. The platform connects science with politics and society and picks up on developments from industry, especially from the Shenzhen economic area.

Bridgehead Advisors is one the founding partners of AISRI Ltd., Hongkong.


Berlin Global Advisors is and international geostrategy and international affairs consultancy with offices in Europe, UK and the US.

Bridgehead Advisors has a strategic alliance with BGA.

Asia-Europe Consortium for AI Research is a network of AI researchers from China and Europe. The network focuses on the policital and strategic analysis of technological developments and their effects on political and economic cooperation between China and Europe.

Bridgehead Advisors is one of the founding partners of the network funded by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Shanghai.